Our list of holidays

Lakeside Como

Lakeside Como (3 Nights/ 4 Days)

Visit: ITALY (Lake Como)
Sightseeing: Lake Como (Massage at Spa, Romantic Boat ride)
Starting from

1,00,320 pp

Greece by the Sea

Greece by the Sea (7 Nights/ 8 Days)

Visit: GREECE (Crete , Ios, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini)
Sightseeing: Crete (Day trip to Elounda and Spinalonga), Santorini (Mediterranean Dinner, Highlight Tour)
Starting from

74,176 pp

Marmaris Magic

Marmaris Magic (6 Nights/ 7 Days)

Visit: TURKEY (Marmaris )
Sightseeing: Marmaris (Turkish Show and Dinner, River Cruise, Turtle Beach, Mud Baths and Lunch Dalyan Koycegiz by Bus Including, Scuba Diving for Beginners, Ephesus Day Trip from Marmaris Including Breakfast and Lunch)
Starting from

39,140 pp

Reunion Island Magic

Reunion Island Magic (4 Nights/ 5 Days)

Visit: REUNION ISLAND (Reunion Island)
Sightseeing: Reunion Island (Full day tour of the Volcano & Wild South)
Starting from

30,351 pp

Scenic Seychelles

Scenic Seychelles (4 Nights/ 5 Days)

Visit: SEYCHELLES (Mahe Island )
Sightseeing: Mahe Island (Full Day Tour of Praslin & La Digue Islands , Full day Sightseeing tour)
Starting from

45,627 pp

Romantic Seychelles

Romantic Seychelles (5 Nights/ 6 Days)

Visit: SEYCHELLES (Praslin Island, Mahe Island )
Sightseeing: Praslin Island (Half day tour of Valle-de-Mai Nature Reserve, Half day tour of Valle-de-Mai Nature Reserve), Mahe Island (Full Day Tour of Praslin & La Digue Islands , Full day Sightseeing tour, Full day Sightseeing tour)
Starting from

64,144 pp

Pristine Phuket

Pristine Phuket (5 Nights/ 6 Days)

Visit: THAILAND (Phuket)
Sightseeing: Phuket (Dinner at Thailand’s best Restaurant, Phnang Nga and Bond Island tour, Spa)
Starting from

55,945 pp

Shores of Zanzibar

Shores of Zanzibar (4 Nights/ 5 Days)

Visit: TANZANIA (Zanzibar)
Sightseeing: Zanzibar (Half Day City Tour)
Starting from

19,864 pp

Sunny Cape Verde

Sunny Cape Verde (4 Nights/ 5 Days)

Sightseeing: Cape Verde (On your own)
Starting from

41,800 pp

Essential Essaouria

Essential Essaouria (3 Nights/ 4 Days)

Visit: MOROCCO (Essaouria )
Sightseeing: Essaouria (Half day city tour)
Starting from

24,120 pp

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